Do you want to try out Kubernetes on IBM Cloud for free?

Read along for step by step instructions!

(Disclaimer – Note that for some geographies, you might have to provide a credit card for a free trial but you still won’t be charged for the free tier that this guide uses.)

1. Sign up for an IBM cloud account and login to the dashboard.



2. Select Kubernetes cluster from the featured section, If it does not show then you can search the catalog from the text box above.


3. Select the free plan for the Kubernetes cluster.


4. Name your cluster in the Resource Details section below. You can name it anything you want but choose a unique name if you have multiple deployments.


5. Click on create on the right and that’s it! You have completed the steps to create a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud for free.


Watch your build progress as the master and worker nodes are setup.


When the status turns to Normal, click on the Kubernetes dashboard to explore further.


You can now try running an app on this cluster. Read this guide to deploy nginx on this cluster.

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