Data Recovery

FlashCopy and Safeguarded Copy can both provide protection from logical data corruption. In contrast to FlashCopy, Safeguarded Copy can be used to create more frequent backups, is more secure, space efficient and provides better performance. Summarized below are differences between FlashCopy and Safeguarded Copy



Safeguarded Copy

Recovery Point

Lesser number of point-in-time copies. Maximum 12 or lesser depending upon topology

More number of point-in-time copies. Maximum up to 500 copies.


Point-in-time copies accessible to host system making data vulnerable to accidental or malicious modification

Backup copies are protected and not accessible directly to host system.


FlashCopy relationship between source volumes and target volumes can be deleted using DSCLI or DSGUI

With proper segregation of role safeguarded copy can only be created, removed or recovered via Copy Service Manager interface.


FlashCopy can overwritten at any frequency

CSM interface can be used to control elapsed time before a new safeguarded Copy can be created.

Recovery Volume

Recovery volume is optional as Flashcopy Volume can be mounted on a system

Recovery volume is required.

DS8000 device numbers

FlashCopy volumes use DS8000 device numbers and therefore reduces the number of possible host volumes

Copies do not use DS8000 device number and therefore does not reduce the number of possible host volumes