A state of the art modern slaughter house for seafood, buffalo and sheep meat exports. Requirement – Movement to Linux and open source solutions. Implementation – Moved mail servers from Exchange to Lotus notes and Tally servers to Tiguin Linux enhancing security, performance and stability. Moved desktops to open source linux desktops while providing alternative solutions to office products and legacy systems through emulators. Used centralized user management through IPA servers for linux and configured desktops for remote support to assist in user adaptation. Developed an automated backup strategy to backup critical components of the infrastructure.



Requirement – Business disruption after a ransomware attack leaving all shadow copies deleted and even attached usb backup devices encrypted affecting all machines in the oprganization. Implementation – Recovered all data after a ransomware attack and rebuilt their data center with a proxmox based solution for automatic backup and recovery for their windows based servers. Also recovered user data that was encrypted by the ransomware on their backup usb devices.





EMC VMAX and BRMS Flash Copy implementation with SRDF and Dual BCV Requirement – High availability architectural design with BRMS Flash Copy implementations to enable backup of four production partitions from their clone. Implementation – Designed two different Power 6 system LPAR architectures for high availability with multipath and no single point of failure Configured SRDF replication between two disk arrays in different EMC VMAX systems Configured Local BCV for the SRDF pair for Flash Copy backup Implemented BRMS Flash Copy backup using BCV disk array Developed , tested and deployed programs for Flash Copy backup using BRMS Performed SRDF role swap




We built for Adma a backup and recovery solution based on proxmox which backs up their entire environment every night automatically so they have peace of mind knowing that their data is safe in case of an attack.

We had lost our data after a ransomware attack. Iseries portal built for us an automatic backup solution on proxmox and also showed us how we can recover our data in less than 5 minutes. We feel safer now knowing that our data is protected and can be recovered whenever necessary. The backup completion email adds to our peace of mind. The solution they built enables us to use the same hardware for multiple purposes as well and their customer service is excellent.

Khedr Auf

Adma Business Solutions


Iseries moved the company’s entire IT infrastructure to LINUX, decreasing licensing cost by 497% and increasing the data center’s efficiency by 1600%, all while eliminating the real threats of malware and viruses.

Management in charge

Al Kabeer Meat Exports


Iseries Portal recovered all our data after a ransomware attack and got us back in business swiftly. I would highly
recommend them.

Majed Rudainy

Al Hobani Customs Clearance