Consulting Since 2011

We started our journey with ISeriesPortal which was founded in 2011, by former IBM employees to help provide services to companies in managing their IBMi infrastructure. Since then our portfolio grew and diversified, expanding our IT portfolio to other IBM and RedHat technologies as well as other Cloud and Open Source technologies.

Converse Systems now caters to a broader audience and a broader portfolio of services with its multiple verticals which are essential for the growth and sustainability of a business.

To help business reduce costs while accessing better technologies that suit their unique needs. We have more than a decade of experience assisting clients worldwide, across numerous industries.

Why choose us

We have been through the grind of starting a new business - making mistakes, learning things the hard way and building things from scratch. Right from building a website to getting traffic to the website, nurturing the leads for our own business and finding the right audience for different services we have to offer.

We have done it all and can confidently say that we have managed to answer for ourselves and for our clients the two golden questions that every business has - Where are our customers and how do we reach them?

Our experience can assist you in shortening your Go-To-Market time benefiting from our experience building things from ground up or building momentum in your already running business.